Team Building

Corporate Team Building

An Extraordinary Exercise

     Take the opportunity to build cohesiveness, depend on each other, work together closely, and have a memorable positive experience that will result in a much stronger corporate unit. The three day hiking experience always brings people closer together and galvanizes trust between them. The benefits derived from a hike through some of the most beautiful terrain in the country, breathing fresh mountain air, drinking pure spring water and enjoying invigorating exercise for an extended period of time are enjoyed by everyone as a team. 
     Valuable lessons emerge as challenges continue to surface for the group to attend to. The bonding that takes place happens very, very quickly and is permanent. The shared experiences of the group will always be etched into the memories of those who were lucky enough to experience the Appalachian Trail together. 

     Hiking throughout the Appalachian Mountains is an activity that emphasizes people's strengths, and helps them find their role within a group in order to make the group stronger. Sharing the beauty of breathtaking scenery while sitting on top of a windy mountain peak that was climed as a unit is an experience that creates stronger teams who will enjoy taking on challenges. Contact us about your team as we can accomodate all ages and ability levels. 
"I learned that group success sometimes requires sacrificing of self. I learned that people from varied backgrounds are very much the same and can and do have fun together."
"And so there's bonding that occurs pretty quickly I think, when you come through an experience that frightens you, or indimidates you, or excites you. Gues everyone's emotional levels are going pretty high, and it's through teamwork that you're going to get through this experience. And when you come through it on that other side of the mountain, you're a little bit closer than you were when you went in."