The Hikes

22-Day Wilderness Therapy Hike

     When hiking in the wilderness for an extended period of time, the therapeutic value is immense. The physical, mental and spiritual areas of life are all put in a state of calmness and rejuvenation when one is on the trail. Perspective on life issues and self-actualization often shifts in a positive direction once one is permitted to spend this amount of time in relative solitude away from the constant overstimulation of modern American society. 

     The value attained through a 22 day expedition on the crest of the Appalachian Mountains is immense, but many people are unable to enjoy this extremely valuable experience because they are unable to prepare or have legitimate safety concerns about the trail, the weather, the animals, and the people that they alone cannot address. These issues are precisely the reason that our organization exists. We are here to make the Appalachian Range Hike safe and available to those who do not have the time or money to invest in the gear and research required to succeed on the trail. 

     The 22 day Wilderness Therapy Hike is for those who wish to invest in themselves and take the time to get away from the cell phone, car keys, wallet routine in order to gain a renewed perspective on life and rejuvenate the spirit in order to get the most of out life and attain peace and happiness in a world where it can sometimes be tough to find amidst overstimulation from our demanding world. Just like Earl Shaffer eloquently put it after hiking the trail in the wake of his World War II service on Iwo Jima:
- Our 22 Day Wilderness Therapy Hikes take place along the well-travelled Appalachian Trail and other nearby trails in Southern Virginia.  

- Male and Female hikers are not scheduled on the same hikes unless it a large group of individuals who know each other and prefer to hike together. 

- We separate trips based upon two age groups, youth (15-18) and adults (18-65).
"...Already it seemed like a vivid dream, through sunshine, shadow, and rain. Already I knew that many times I would want to be back again, on the could high hills where the whole world lies below and far away. By the wind-worn cairn where admiring eyes first welcome newborn day. To walk once more where the white coulds sail, far from the city clutter, and drink a toast to the long high trail in clear, cold mountain water..."

3-Day Team Building Hike

     The 3 day scenic hike through the Appalachian Mountains serves as a easily planned and extraordinary opportunity for those who wish to experience the peace and happiness that the trail provides over a long weekend. This is an excellent choice for corporate team-building, group bonding, or anyone who seeks to achieve a sense of fulfillment and serenity that only nature can bring out. The itenerary is the same as the 22 day Wilderness Therapy Expedition, but the duration of the experience is shorter.